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Teri Sharana Men Aya by Haidakhandis (Har Govind on harmonium and main vocals)


Uk Anual Bhakti gathering

Highlights from 2016 annual bhakti gathering festival. Music by Turkentam From recordings taken at 2016 Bhakti gathering. Jagadambe MA (only love can save your life) & Hari Sharanam


Easter Bhakti gathering

Easter Bhakti Gathering 2014 Some 200 souls gathered at a large youth hostel in Sussex, UK A weekend to practice giving thanks, instead of asking for more. A time to feel the sacred in chopping vegetables. An opportunity to sleep on the floor and notice the daily comforts we normally take for granted.


The Babaji Temple Singers are a group of Babaji devotees who are guaranteed to raise the energy in a room. This is the opening chant from their Saturday evening slot at the 2018 Beltane Bhakti Gathering. In this instance, the chant is led on harmonium by Tom Simenauer.

“Dedicated to my beloved Bhole Baba who lives eternally in my heart as my own Self
Om Namah Shivaya” by Sahil Jagtiani


Music by Jai Uttal and Goma Om nama Shivaya He Shiva Shankara He Maheshvara He Shiva Shankara He Maheshvara Sukha Kara (bestow me happiness) Dukha Hara (Remove my sorrows) Hara Hara Shankara Om Namaha Shivay


Beautiful mantra meditation and pictures of older Babaji incarnations.

Music is Mahavatar Babaji by Gayatri