Navratri Celebrations Autumn 2019
to Oct 6

Navratri Celebrations Autumn 2019

You are warmly invited to Navratri celebrations at Durgadas and Harisudha’s house in Somerset Friday 4th October -Sunday 6th 2019

If you would like to help with Kama Yoga set up on the Thursday 3rd, please call Durgadas & Harisudha on 07891781720 to them know, thank you.

8.30 for 9am: Aarati
10:30am: Fire Ceremony
12.30pm: Lunch
7pm: Aarati
(there will be no evening aarati on Sunday, we will finish after Lunch)

Please let Harisudha and Durgadas know in advance if you’d like to come, for numbers for food and parking. Call 07891 781720.

They have some limited basic accommodation and there are B&Bs in Glastonbury and a youth hostel approx. 1 mile away.

Bhole Baba ki JAI!

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Holland Bhakti gathering
to Aug 18

Holland Bhakti gathering

We celebrate the Bhole Baba Bhakti Festival in August, from 15-18 August, with lots of  singing together (kirtan), mantra singing, music, and inspiration. The Bhakti Festival we dedicate to Babaji’s message of “Truth, Simplicity, Love and karma-yoga”.

Besides the festival program you are also welcome to participate in the usual ashram program with Aarti and Havan, and also welcome to participate in the Satsang, that is to say:  in Truth sharing of experiences and insights. You have also the opportunity to follow a yoga workshop.

Several kirtan musicians lead the kirtan. As soon as the participating musicians are known, they will be announced on this page.

To attend the festival please email:

Overall concept program Bhole Baba Bhakti festival


  • 4 pm: Welcome / Opening ceremony

  • 7.30 pm: Aarti in the temple

  • 8.30 pm: Dinner

  • 9.30 – 11.00 pm: Kirtan in the dhuni, all musicians

Friday and Saturday:

  • 5.45 am: Chandan / Kirtan around the havankund

  • 6.30 am: small havan (fire ceremony) in the dhuni / Yoga workshop

  • 8.00 am: Aarti in the temple.

  • Possibility of breakfast at the Chai Shop (Teahouse).

  • 10 am – 1 pm: kirtan / satsang

  • 1 pm: Warm vegetarian lunch plus break

  • 2.30 pm: 1 hour workshops

  • 3.30 – 6.30 pm: Kirtan 

  • 7.30 pm: Aarti in the temple

  • 8.30 pm: Dinner

  • 9.30 pm: Kirtan / Concert

  • Saturday 11 pm: All Night Kirtan


  • 5.45 am: Chandan / Kirtan around the havankund

  • 6 am: Paduka Puja in Babaji kutir / Kirtan at the fire pit outside / Yoga-workshop

  • 8 am: Aarti

  • 9 am: Satsang

  • 10 am: Havan at a fire pit outside

  • 12 am: Auction and lottery for charity

  • 1 pm: Warm vegetarian lunch plus break

  • 3.30 pm: Closing ceremony and kirtan

  • 5 pm: Karma yoga: cleaning up

  • 7.30 pm: Aarti and then dinner.

Possibilities for personal consultations etc.  during the festival are indicated at the Reception Tent.
Any changes to the program will also be announced at the Reception Tent

Karma Yoga

Visitors also sign up for some karma yoga activities during the festival.

Many hands make work light and together we create the success of the festival.

Let us celebrate Babaji’s message of Truth, Simplicity, Love together.

Action for a good cause

A charity action will also be held during this festival. In 2015 this was done for Babaji’s eye clinic in India, and in 2018 for upgrading and increasing the sustainability of the energy system at Sada Shiva Dham. There is an information stand and some activities for the charity in question.

BOOKING : email : or complete the form on this link https

10% discount if you book before 30 June 2018.

Prices include meals and accommodation - details below  (approx EUROS 150 for the whole festival)

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Gurupurnima in Italy
to Jul 16

Gurupurnima in Italy

  • Associazione Culturale Hairakhandi Love (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This year for the celebrations of Gurupurnima devotees are invited to the ashram of Hairakhandi Love in Umbria to participate in the celebration considered the most important by those who follow a spiritual path. In fact, in this period of full moon, in July, every spiritual researcher ritually honors his own Guru, the Spiritual Master, with immense love and gratitude. A great offer to fire is celebrated by everyone, in a ritual of union with the 
sacred feet of the Guru.

The ancient scriptures of India say that there is no difference between the Guru and God and that every sincere seeker can aspire to the final identification with the Spiritual Self only by virtue of the service rendered at the feet of the Master with unshakable trust and dedication. Those in search of the Good will only succeed if they draw upon themselves the compassion and grace of the Guru.


"In order to draw on that reality which is innate and natural, you constantly serve one Master!"



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Beltane Bhakti gathering
to May 6

Beltane Bhakti gathering

The Bhakti Gathering is inspired by the example of wise beings who demonstrated how to tackle life's challenges in practical and embodied ways. Living together for a few days, there's plenty of opportunity to practice tolerance and patience through simple acts such as sharing a noisy dorm, taking a cold shower, fasting a little.... During our time together, each ordinary action becomes a ritual of thanksgiving, transforming the daily 'grind' into a coming home to our highest selves and to each other.  

Please join us to spend some precious time together. It is possible to experience exquisite joy and expand our capacity for love even in these most challenging of times . . . and through this, to have the courage to act in service and solidarity as change makers.

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