We are part of a global group. Here you can find links to our Babaji tribe from all over the world and other websites based in the UK

Sites by Babaji devotees – UK

http://tablatom.com/ For many years Tom toured with Goma in UK and Europe, and learned that Bhakti practice is about the heart and that music is merely the tool to express devotion to the Highest Self and Guru. Tom teaches harmonium lessons, plays alongside many wonderful Kirtan groups, hosts many workshops and more.

 http://www.babaji.org.uk Babaji – A site full of more general information about Babaji maintained by Rangnath

http://www.naturalmysticbhajans.co.uk/ Sivani Mata’s site includes many bhakti yoga events in UK, a page to listen to her music and a bhakti bazar shop

 http://www.poetrypoem.com/author3069 Unite In Fire – Contemporary poetry by Babaji devotee and fire pujari Jaishankar Hill (Jamieson Lee Dagdeviren Hill)


Babaji Related Web Sites – International

http://www.haidakhandisamaj.in The official Haidakhandi samaj site

http://haidakhanbabaji.com Great tips on how to get to Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham – Haidakhan is a universal pilgrimage centre and serves as a place of spiritual purification, healing and education, based upon the teachings of Shree Babaji

 http://www.babaji.nl Bhole Baba ki Jai!! – Dutch devotees web site

 http://babajisamaj.org American Haidakhan Samaj – The American Haidakhan Samaj is a spiritual service community inspired by Haidakhan Baba. Their mission is to practice, share, and promote Babaji’s teachings of truth, simplicity and love

https://www.ashrambholebaba.com/ Italian ashram in Cisternino (Brindisi). Cisternino's ashram was also Babaji's first ashram to be created in the western world, and includes an exact replica of the temple found in Haidakhan, desired by Babaji himself as a symbol of deep union with his ashram in India

 http://www.babajiashram.org BabajiAshram.org – Haidakhandi Universal Ashram & Maha Lakshmi Shop (USA)

 http://www.schweibenalp.ch/eng/ueberuns/index.html Centre of Unity – Schweibenalp in Switzerland was founded in 1982 on behalf of the great teacher Sri Haidakhan Baba by Dr. Sundar Robert Dreyfus, Fredy Aly und Sylvia Bollag

 www.lilleoru.ee Haidakhandi Shiva Dham – Lilleoru Spiritual Community, Estonia

 http://babaji.pl Babaji – Our brother and sister devotees in Poland

 http://www.haidakhandisamaj.ru Mahaparbuji Ashram – Russian devotees web site (In Russian)

 http://www.babaji.ru/ Omkar Shiva Dham – Russian devotees web site (In Russian)

 http://www.sribabaji.org – Shiva Avatar – Slovenian devotees web site

 http://www.haidakhan.net Haidakhandi Spiritual Centre – Hungarian devotees web site.

 http://www.bhole-baba-ashram.de Bhole Baba Ashram – Germany
German ashram in Windeck-Rieferath.

Other Supported Web Sites

 http://www.shekinashram.org Shekinashram – Ashram & Holistic Retreat Centre, Glastonbury, UK

 http://www.swami-center.org/en/text/teaching_of_babaji.html Divine Way of Spiritual Heart – Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of life. Methodology of spiritual development

 http://www.tulsitrust.org.uk/ The Tulsi Trust – A registered charity that is aiding, organising and fundraising for an Indian jungle health and education project

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